Crafting Solution Through Design

TE has a dedicated team of UI / UX developers who focus on delivering applications that is ease to understand and use. Our team works with customers across domains and geographies and very well understands the cultural diversities which we believe is a key element to be considered in designing an application.

We offer end-to-end service offerings in UI/UX starting from understanding your requirements, to prototyping and finally delivering a solution that meet’s the needs of the end user.

Our service offerings can be broadly categorized into the following.


Business and User requirements are captured through a process to understand respective businesses and user needs. The services are designed to be represented as features and functionality to satisfy the user’s needs.


We also work with clients whose focus is on Information architecture. The content will be structured, organized, and labeled in an intuitive & a user-friendly way.  The goal is to help users find information and get a glimpse into the journey that they are going to tread.


Our UX process involves, creating, defining user personas and the research-based documents that describes a targeted user who uses our products and services which creates user personas and helps to identify your best audience


Our Customer Journey strategy helps us to create an actionable plan to improve customer experience by identifying pain areas at various touch points and in various digital forms of service journey.


Paper and computer-based prototyping. This approach is very cost-effective, and we utilize it. It helps us to collaborate with teams and manage feedback with respect to clients.


Our design approach helps us to craft a UI solution centered around various business challenges. We create powerful, responsive, web and mobile-friendly designs to engage end-users and convey your brand’s message effectively.


We use a human-centered design approach to create a consistent experience across the various touch points. Service design help organizations in attaining an end-to-end understanding of their services where the organization and customer intersect.


Our enterprise technology hub enables us to develop front-end solution for the customers, ranging from SME to big enterprise solutions. We use advanced digital engineering to create innovative, digital experiences for our customers.