Confidentiality and Business Continuity

  • TE Consulting (India) is committed to implement and continually comply with robust INFORMATION SECURITY MANAGEMENT SYSTEMS to safeguard client’s confidential business information & to ensure business continuity capabilities at TE Consulting
  • TE Consulting (India) Information security policy’s goal is to protect the organization’s informational assets against all internal, external, deliberate or accidental threats. Thus minimizing the information security risks and reducing their potential impact
  • Proactively implement best practices in Risk Management.
  • The information security policy ensures that:
    1. Information will be protected against any
    2. CONFIDENTIALITY of information will be assured.
    3. INTEGRITY of information will be maintained.
    4. AVAILABILITY of information for business processes will be maintained.
    5. CONTRACTUAL, STATUTORY, LEGAL & REGULATORY requirements will met.
    6. BUSINESS CONTINUITY PLANS will be developed, maintained and tested.
    7. INFORMATION SECURITY AWARENESS TRAINING will be imparted for all employees/contractors.
    8. Robust INFORMATION SECURITY INCIDENT REPORTING SYSTEMS will be practiced so that actual or suspected information security breaches will be reported to the Information Security team and will be thoroughly investigated.
  • TE Consulting (India) has well defined operating procedures to support the policy; including Virus/Malware control measures,
    End Point Data Security, Data Back up and Recovery, Secure Login, Logs Monitoring and Business Continuity plans.
  • The CISO with support from Information Security Steering Committee (ISSC) will be responsible for implementing/maintaining
    the policy and ensuring continued compliance.
  • Compliance with the Information Security Policy is mandatory for all employees and contractors.
  • The CEO has approved the information security policy.